1930s Hats for Men

The new retro men’s hats of the 1930s completed the man of the golden age of Hollywood. The hat was not just an accessory it made the man who he was. These hats included fedoras, Homburg, bowler, ivy cap, walking hat, and boater. Fedoras came in bright colors, such as hunter green, blue, brown, and gray. In summer, most men wore straw hats, such as Panama hats, straw fedoras, straw boaters or skimmers. Men usually wore newsboy hats or wide-brimmed ivy caps during causal sports or work times. Hunters wore the pith helmet. The formal dress code for men was to wear a silk top hat, while most business people wore Homburgs or fedoras. The bowler or derby was still worn by men, but its popularity had declined by the late 1930s.  

Let’s take look at the most common hat styles of men in the 1930s.

One of the most popular hats for men in the 1930s was the fur felt hat, also known as the fedora or trilby. Fedoras look almost the same as the trilby hats except that the trilby has a slightly shorter crown. In Hollywood movies, we often see actors in movies wearing these hats. The fedoras and trilby hats of the 1930s had some differences from the hats of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. In the 1930s, many varieties of felt hats were unknown. Generally, most men would like to go to a dedicated hat shop and ordered their own hats to match the shape and size of their face.

Most gangsters liked to wear Homburg hats. It was a little more formal hat than a fedora. It became popular again in the movie of The Godfather, and was nicknamed “The Godfather Hat.” The Homburg hats of the 1930s were very distinctive. The most popular color of the felt hats for men was grey, followed by black. It was usually made of fur felt. The brim of the hat was wide in the first half of 1930s and narrower in the second half.  

In the last four decades, the classic bowler hat, also known as the Derby hat, has been as popular as it was in the 1930s. Hats from the 1930s made of traditional hard top felt then it was replaced by softer and more breathable felt. The most popular color for men at that time was black. The crown of a hat was tall and round. Narrow brims were usually rolled higher on the sides. A black Petersham ribbon was wrapped around the crown with a flat side bow.

Another little-known hat from the 1930s was often called a walking hat, tweed hat, sport hat or bucket hat today. The colors of the hats were very rich and the hats’ styles were casual. This style of hat came back in the 1960s and has been virtually indistinguishable for the past 20 years. These hats were made of tweed, plaid, etc. Hats in the 1930s had wide brims, but narrower in the 1930s with rounded crowns.

Above all are some common men’s hats in 1930s, there were still other hats for men at that time.