The PVC Bucket Hats

From berets to baseball cap, the last few seasons have seen a plethora of headgear silhouettes burst onto the scene. For 2019, yet another retro style has made resurgence: bucket hats. Just in case your hat slips a little past the eyes, you can still see the bucket hat made of PVC material.

The never-ending item in the fashion world – the bucket hat has become a popular element in the show. In the spring and summer of 2018 Paris Fashion Week, one of most surprising items of the Chanel big show is this PVC bucket hat. In the Chanel 2018 spring and summer show, the PVC texture of items are very popular, so that the various fashion biggies are keen on that. How can such a novel material be not applied to the most popular item of the bucket hat? Kaia Gerber, a supermodel appeared in a lucid PVC bucket hat like a swordsman, and the transparent boots were full of chic feeling. The full transparent bucket hat is decorated with black and white grosgrain, coupled with Chanel’s logo. It has a stylish and high-end modern design. From the street culture and leisure trend to a high-end, you can freely change the style as you wish. It also allows the wearer from the street girls to instantly become a lady from a decent family. The lucid design looks very idiosyncratic, and the most important point is its good rainproof function.

PVC material is originally used in the production of umbrellas, raincoats, boots, etc. It is very light and very easy to clean. PVC is not only used for hats, but also for clothes and bags. Compared with traditional materials, PVC is more durable and environmentally friendly. At the same time, it has a glass texture and is very advanced. The clean and transparent texture is very refreshing in the summer. The material was introduced into the high-end fashion industry in the 1960s and is now backing in vogue.

With its transparent and plastic features, designers use their imagination to create an assortment of items. Nothing can excite a person who’s a couch potato more than a PVC bucket hat in daily life. The trend and practicality are two things. With one hat, you will get both fashion and practicability.

The light purple sweater is paired with same colored loose pants, and the transparent PVC bucket hat goes well with light purple, which is really fresh. The focus of the hat is on creating a refreshing summer. It allows you to pose in rainy days and lets you spend the summer with ease and comfort.

In the autumn, the khaki classic trench coat with this bucket hat is really fashionable and very graceful. The dark green patent leather jacket with jeans, plus a lucid bucket hat is really modern and retro style.

It seems that this bucket hat is a versatile hat. It can match the clothes of different seasons throughout the year; certainly, the style is different, too.