Tips for Sun protection

Most kids like to go outside and it is important to protect their skin to prevent melanoma and skin damage from too much sun exposure. We all know that sun protection is important while kids don’t care too much about this. They just want to make outdoor adventures. Although we all need some sun exposure, too much sun exposure will do damage to our skin, eyes and immune system. Even young people may develop the skin cancer.

The sun radiates light to the earth and part of the sunlight consists of invisible UV rays. When these rays reach the skin, they will make your skin get burn, tan and other skin damage. UVA rays can cause aging and wrinkling of the skin and leads to skin cancer, such as melanoma. UVA rays can easily penetrate the ozone layer, so they cause the most damage to our exposure to the sun. UVB rays are also dangerous: it will cause sunburns, cataracts and even has harmful effects on our immune system.

Every kid needs sun protection. The lighter a person’s natural skin color, the less melanin it has to absorb UV rays. The darker a person’s natural skin color, the more melanin it has. But both dark and light-skinned children need UV protection because any tanning or burning can cause damage to the skin. Therefore, the earlier you protect your child’s skin from the sun’s rays, the better for your child’s growth. Here are some tips for sun protection to your kids.

Apply Sunscreen

Be sure your child wears sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day, regardless of their skin tone. Whatever sunscreen you choose, make sure it’s broad-spectrum (protects against both UVA and UVB rays) and if children are playing in or near water, is labeled waterproof.

Cover Up

One of the best ways to protect the skin is to cover up. To make sure your clothes provide enough protection, put your hands inside the clothes to make sure your hands are not visible. Babies’ skin is thin and delicate, so their skin burns easily. For babies under six months, the best protection is to make them keep out of the sun, so they should stay out of the sun as much as possible. If your baby must be in the sun, dress him or her in clothes that can cover their body, including wearing a wide-brimmed kids bucket hat to shade their face. The material of bucket hat should be skin-friendly material. A baby’s head skin is very tender, so you must make them feel comfortable so that they would like to wear the hat.

Wear Sunglasses

Sun exposure is harmful to the skin as well as to our eyes. Spending all day long in the sun can also cause corneal burns (the clear outer layer of the eye). Long-term exposure to the sun will lead to cataracts later in life. The best way to protect your eyes is to wear a pair of sunglasses with 100% UV protection. Many of children’s sunglasses come with interesting designs, such as colorful frames or cartoon characters, which allow your kids to pick their own pair.