UV Protection for Hair

UV radiation is known to be harmful to the skin, but did you know that it’s also harmful to your hair? Sun rays can destroy proteins of the hair, damage the scalp, and even cause hair loss. It’s important to use both physical and chemical methods to protect your hair from damage.

Hair care is one of the main ways to reduce UV damage. In the summer, we may find our hair changing color when exposing to the sun. For example, it may change from black to coffee, which looks pretty good for many people. Many girls think it’s a boon because they get natural highlights for free. However, it turns out that this is because UV exposure causes the degradation of proteins and pigments of hair, making us see the discoloration. 

The damage to these proteins can cause the hair’s cuticle to degenerate, which makes the hair split, brittle, dry and frizzy. The degradation of melanin (pigment) causes to the loss of protection from free radicals, and they are the direct reason for hair shaft degradation. This means that those who are naturally bleached with less pigment are more vulnerable to UV damage. Therefore, they need more protection and should avoid exposure to the sunlight. The damage seems to be more than that. Research published in the book Aging Hair suggests that UVA and UVB radiation causes hair loss and that can be permanent. This is because these rays do cause damage to the scalp.

Proper hair care can help you to reduce the damage from UV rays. This is especially important for blonde and blenched hair because of its high vulnerability. For blenched hair, using special care hair products is the key to maintain the color as exposure to the sun will cause the hair to turn a cross between brass and yellow. Other hair care routine steps to minimize UV damage include reducing the frequency of washing your hair and using deep conditioning treatments. The key point is to keep your hair and scalp well hydrated. Wash your hair up to three times a week to remove natural oils and prevent it from drying out.

Hair products containing SPF25+ are the best chemical blocks for the UV radiation. Due to the nature of the chemicals used in these treatments, most of them are SPF10 or lower. Even these products can make your hair greasy, which requires regular washing. As this is harmful to your scalp’s health, you may want to give up this kind of UV protection for your hair. You can use a SPF hairspray in the summer, especially if you’re playing on the beach. Like any other sunscreen, you must reapply it regularly. If you already have hair loss, apply the sunscreen containing zinc oxide on the thinner areas of your hair.

There’s nothing better than wearing a hat to protect your hair from UV damage. To protect your hair from UV damage, you should wear a wide-brimmed sun hat. Because it can protect your head, face and even your neck from the sun. Wide-brimmed sun hats completely cover your hair. Except for baseball caps and hats with small brims that don’t protect your entire head, other hats with wide brims, such as bucket hats, wide-brimmed straw hats, and beach hats will offer you the best protection.