The Velvet Bucket Hats

Whenever talking about the topic: which are the most basic items in a women’s closet? There are conflicted opinions. However, nobody denies of having a bucket hat. It’s a timepiece item that will come back and come back forever due to the circulation of fashion stream.

Believe it or not, half of actresses on entertainment circle are relying on a variety of fashionable hats to prop up the aura of the whole body. Each hat with a different style of clothing will present a different style. It is really a good tool for stylish shape.

The most anticipated thing for the winter is to disorderly dress for keeping warm, except for this, another comfortable thing probably is to wear a hat at will. With a bucket hat, you need not hurry to wash and scrabble or blow your hair before going out. Also, you have no longer to worry that the hair is messed by the wind which let yourself become a madman in a second. The most important point is to be warm at the same time, to pose as well. This beauty begins with a good-looking hat. There is nothing can’t rely on a hat to draw the finishing touch. If there is, then you must have not picked the right bucket hat.

A velvet bucket hat is used retro material. The velvet material fits perfectly on the bucket hat. Hipsters like to use a bucket hat with winter dress to reflect the elegance and modern style.

The letter-patterned khaki velvet bucket hat goes well with a pink velvet clothes. The khaki and pink have no conflict at all. The khaki itself is a versatile base color, so it goes well with pink clothing. The top is still very harmonious. The velvet bucket hat looks dignified with a velvet dress which is full of vitality.

This green velvet bucket hat is different from the ordinary bucket hats. Its brim can be turned up, allowing you to switch styles at will. Of course you can also turn the brim down. The green velvet bucket hat is paired with a dark gray denim clothes within a camisole which is very slouchy. Green may be difficult for some people to handle, because it is not easy to match with other colors, so if you want to try this color of the hat, you should pay attention to the color of the clothes you wear. The brim of this bucket hat can be easily folded. When you don’t want to expose yourself to the crowd, you can turn it down and when you want to try another style, you can put it down. In short, you can change the style at will.

Red is really the color that can be matched all year round. The biggest highlight of this red velvet bucket hat is the ribbon of the hat. When the winter wind is blowing, you can use this ribbon to fix the hat on your head. The length of the strap is suitable and in combination with the silk clothes which is smooth and shiny, it is soft, graceful and luxurious. Black silk dress and red velvet bucket hat present a kind of England style.

The most comfortable thing is to wear soft and warm clothes in winter. So, if you don’t know how to wear in winter, try to find a velvet bucket hat and then you can match with your winter wear.